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Discover the historical and social impact of coal mining on the village of Bilsthorpe and surrounding area…

The village of Bilsthorpe was declining in population before coal mining arrived in 1925, changing not only the landscape but also the social fabric of the village. Bilsthorpe Colliery fast became one of the most productive mines in Nottinghamshire.

Sadly the pit’s closure in 1993, marked the end of an era; however, the loss of the mine united those affected by unemployment and the Bilsthorpe Heritage Society was established. The group of ex-miners and residents had the forethought to collect discarded artefacts and memorabilia from the local mine and surrounding area before they were lost for good.

Today, visitors can enjoy viewing the extensive collection of preserved items, which has been added to by many donations over the years. It is a worthy tribute dedicated to the mining industry and the social history of the surrounding community of Bilsthorpe.

In addition to the Museum, a commemorative garden to remember all those who lost their lives down the pit is beautifully maintained by volunteers. It provides a place for quiet reflection and a sanctuary for wildlife.

The Museum’s volunteers, many ex-miners, are always delighted to show visitors around and a cup of tea is always on offer.

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Tel: 01623 871533

Bilsthorpe Heritage Museum

Bilsthorpe Heritage Museum

Bilsthorpe Heritage Museum, Heritage, Cross Street, Bilsthorpe, Newark, UK

Bilsthorpe Heritage Museum, Heritage, Cross Street, Bilsthorpe, Newark, UK

01623 871533

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